Julia Harris

Julia Harris

For over 35 years, Julia Harris has been a noteworthy leader in the information security space.  You may know her from her work at various financial institutions, telecommunications providers, media companies, charities, a big 4 consultancy, gambling, a government business and now the Travel Industry. Julia can also be credited with contributions to the industry as a speaker at many Global and UK based conferences, such as Infosec at Olympia / Earls Court, Pulse Conferences and at the Information Security Forum’s global congress.  Julia tends to specialise in governance, policy, risk and the human aspects of information security.

She is passionate about Information Security and likes to have fun at work and home. She is a member of a number of mentoring platforms and groups to help bring more women into the Information Security profession. Julia is now supporting Flight Centre’s corporate clients in all things infosec.

She was a council member for the UK within the Information Security Forum (ISF) for 3 years. She sat on the committee of the British Computer Society (BCS) Information Security Specialist group for many years, and also sat on the Data Protection Expert Panel for the BCS.


Matt Horrox

Matt Horrox

Matt Horrox is Director of Continuity Strategy, a consultancy specialising in operational resilience, crisis management and business continuity work.

He has 20+ years’ experience in operational resilience, crisis management and business continuity. He built his career with leading consultancy firms including Atkins, Control Risks and KPMG, before taking leadership positions at Nationwide (Head of Strategy, Operational Resilience), Bank of Ireland (Head of Group BCM) and Norges Bank Investment Management (Head of Resilience & Continuity – 2LOD).  He writes regularly on the Continuity Strategy blog.


Twitter: @ContinuityStrat



steve lamb

Steve Lamb

Steve Lamb has over 25 years of experience as an information security professional helping clients improve their information security and privacy posture. Steve has advised clients across UK, Europe and the USA. He focuses on assessing the effectiveness of information security management systems to provide pragmatic advice.

Steve has extensive practical experience of combatting threats from social engineering, technology and processes and procedures. His innovative approach to assessing and implementing effective risk-based security programs has helped clients across all industry sectors.

Steve loves sharing knowledge with technical and business audiences plus debating with peers. He has worked for security specialist companies (Rapid7, RSA Security, Mimecast, Cipher Security, Axent Technologies, Bridewell Consulting) and multi-nationals (PwC as a senior manager in their cyber practice, Microsoft in the UK as technical security lead & Hewlett Packard as Regional Manager for EMEA).

Steve passed his CISSP exam in 2017. Steve holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science and a background as a developer prior to becoming an information security professional.

Twitter: @ActionLamb


Jean-Marie Lapeyre

Jean-Marie Lapeyre

Jean-Marie Lapeyre is the Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Global Automotive Industry at Capgemini.

A Mathematician and Computer Scientist by training, Jean-Marie initiated his executive career in 2002 as CTO+CISO of the French Tax Authority. He started in the automotive industry early 2007 and, until joining Capgemini in spring 2021, held various senior positions with GM for 10 years, then PSA/Stellantis, driving global enterprise technology and security programmes.





Bostjan Makarovic

Dr Boštjan Makarovič

Dr Boštjan Makarovič is an expert in ICT law, regulation and policy, and the Founder and Managing Partner of Aphaia.

As a former member of the EU Communications Committee (CoCom) and adviser to the EU Council presidency on the 2009 telecommunications legislative package review, he helped governments and regulators in Europe and the Middle East draft rules on net neutrality, e-identity, privacy and telecoms market regulations. He is also the co-author of Walden: Telecommunications Law and Regulation, published by Oxford University Press.

Bostjan holds a PhD in all -IP networks regulation from Queen Mary University of London and teaches European and International Telecommunications Law at the same institution.

As a sought after IAPP-certified international data protection professional, he regularly advises tech businesses on regulatory challenges. His work has taken him all over the world.

Twitter: @bmakarovic




Natasha McCabe

Natasha McCabe

Natasha McCabe was the CISO at Royal Mail Group from 2012 shaping and driving the security transformation agenda across the Group and established executive level governance and oversight of cyber security. She then took on the role of Head of Digital Business Transformation and Change, focusing on delivering the strategic implementation of transforming Royal Mail into a customer centric, digitally enabled agile business. She joined OFGEM in 2019 where she has been holding digital, data and technology leadership positions.

Natasha is passionate about security, digital transformation and change; and loves making security engaging, relevant to business and building relationships across the enterprise to put security on the agenda. Natasha believes it’s all about creating and sustaining a healthy and positive security culture to actively contribute to support and enable business outcomes.

Twitter: @_NatashaMcCabe


Oscar O'Connor

Oscar O’Connor

After more than 30 years working in information technology and (cyber) security, Oscar O’Connor has developed a passion for ensuring customers get what they need from the technology products and services they invest so heavily in. He believes very strongly that customers should be entitled to expect systems to be secure, resilient and should have performance, sustainability, security and privacy designed in from the earliest concept stages.

He helps his clients see through the snake oil, smoke and mirrors to turn their aspirations into achievable, structured and fully costed strategies, tactics and plans on whatever scale is appropriate. He helps them articulate why they do what they do, help enthuse and captivate their people and external stakeholders to deliver tangible, beneficial growth.

He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Information Security and the Business Continuity Institute, a Chartered Engineer, Chartered IT Professional, Fellow of the RSA, Certified Information Security Manager and Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer. He has been published by the British Computer Society (BCS), the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), Continuity Insurance and Risk, and IT Week amongst others and has spoken at conferences and seminars on Information Security, Risk Management and Business Continuity for organisations such as the CBI, the BCI, the BCS, IAAC, SASIG, the Superyacht Security Forum, and the Public Policy Exchange.

Twitter: @CyberOOC



Steven O'Sullivan

Steven O’Sullivan

Steven O’Sullivan  is the Founder and CEO of Smart Cyber Group

He is highly experienced at setting up and running effective security programs strategically, tactically, and operationally. He helps his clients to identify key requirements, communicate their solutions to the business, and deliver on their commitments to stakeholders.

Focused on Smart Cybersecurity in all its forms (Smart Cities, Stadiums, IIOT, Digital Transformation Programmes), he also helps businesses (B2B) to evolve and to enter new emerging technologies-based markets, and to grow their business across cyber, digital and smart cyber developments.

Twitter: @steveoid



Richard Preece

Richard Preece

Richard Preece is the Founder and Director of DA Resilience

He is an experienced leader working at the intersection of strategy, governance, risk and capability development (people, process, data and technology). His focus is upon joining the dots, to transform business agility and resilience. He is a former Army Officer, whilst his commercial experience includes working in Financial Services, Oil and Gas, Energy, Telecoms, Education, Recruitment, Marketing, Strategic Communications, 2014 FIFA World Cup, Law Enforcement and Defence sectors.

Reflecting his pursuit of excellence, his continuous professional development and thought leadership activities, include: British Standards Institute (BSI) governance and risk management standards committees co-opted panel member; Henley Business School Executive Fellow teaching on the GDPR Integration Programme; UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Certified Training Scheme Trainer; author of several cyber security book chapters; member of the editorial board and article contributor of the Journal of Data Protection and Privacy; and co-founder and member of The Security Transformation Research Foundation.



Harvey Seale

Harvey Seale

Harvey Seale is currently Vice President of Assurance, Risk and Control at Mimecast.

Promoting trust and assurance in things that make us safer and leveraging the quiet power of good governance for the support of strategic growth initiatives are his true passions, and with a proven track record of getting great results from empowering risk and assurance talent, he has led the innovative implementation of transparent enterprise risk management systems, practical and multi-jurisdictional control certification programmes and driven latent business value out of governance initiatives.