• The purpose of the Research Foundation is to bring together a group of influential thinkers, decision makers and C-level practitioners

To challenge the way Security, Business Protection, Risk and Controls functions are currently perceived, governed and operated across the large enterprise and identifying the reasons preventing structural progress in those areas

With the objective of developing and communicating targeted research material that encourages and helps organisations make the improvements needed around Security, Business Protection, Risk and Controls so they can overcome current organisational, governance and cultural limitations and are better protected going forward


  • A dedicated Think Tank, niche and selective by nature, aimed at attracting the best protection-minded brains across all industry sectors motivated by the genuine creation of thought-leadership


  • A clear objective to approach Security problems differently and produce innovative and challenging research ideas in the Security, Business Protection, Risk and Controls space

Thinking outside the box towards Security Leadership, Strategy, Governance, Culture and Resilience

Delivering a challenge and an alternative view on “good practice” in the Security, Business Protection, Risk and Control space instead of blindly endorsing it


  • A native Research body (not another open networking or discussion group) aimed at producing quality research material and disseminating it through a number of channels