Alternative Thinking

Looking beyond the technical horizon into strategy, organisation, governance, corporate culture and the real dynamics of large organisations to deliver real long term protection and value.

We always look for contrarian angles to analyse situations and solve problems, and place cross-silos thinking at the core of everything we do in a constant fight against industry inertia and the attitude that consists of defaulting to ready-made solutions

This is the alternative spirit which animates us and shapes our activities: Different ideas to tackle old problems or shake up the status-quo.

GDPR: What to expect up to May 25th and beyond

Throughout 2017, the GDPR has been successful in bringing up to the attention of boards,  senior and middle management a range of security and privacy issues which had not been properly on their radar up to now.

But the regulation is genuinely complex and “compliance” remains an elusive concept for many firms.

Faced with widespread issues, the attitude of regulators will be key throughout 2018 and will be the main force shaping up the next steps.

Corix Partners, together with Arsia Mons, DA Resilience, Next World Capital, Wise Partners and a number of experts, have analysed the impact the GDPR has had so far, and offer key insights on what can be expected up to May 25th and beyond in this whitepaper.


Cyber Security: The Lost Decade

This is a compilation of the best cyber security management, organisation and governance articles published on the Corix Partners blog between 2015 and 2017. They offer a truly alternative view on how to organise and manage security in large firms, inspired by the direct field experience of their author JC Gaillard, former CISO and leading consultant and expert on the topic. 35 easy to read, bitesize articles which cover all key managerial aspects around information security, from the reporting line of the CISO to the role of the Board, and how to make it work in real life.


GDPR: A Catalyst to Drive Real Action around Privacy and Security

Over the past 6 months, social media and the Internet have been inundated with GDPR-related material. Law firms, consultancies – large and small – and even tech firms have all jumped on what they perceive to be a lucrative band wagon. And indeed, the regulation has the potential to be a catalyst to drive real action around security and privacy.

But at the same time, it is key to put things in perspective and look beyond a few very simplistic clichés.

Corix Partners, together with DA ResilienceNext World CapitalWise Partners in Paris and a number of experts, have analysed the impact the GDPR can have around privacy and security, and is offering a real-life perspective in a whitepaper.