Membership is free at this stage but is strictly by invitation from an existing member and/or co-optation from other members. Please contact us if interested in applying.

The Research Foundation aims at attracting a panel of influential thinkers, decision makers and C-level practitioners in the Security, Business Protection, Risk and Controls space who currently hold (or have held in the past) direct senior management responsibilities in these areas:

  • Executive Management / Chief Executive Offiers / Chief Operating Officers / Chief Risk Officers
  • Chief Security / Information Security / IT Security Officers
  • Heads of Security / Information Security / IT Security / Business Continuity / Operational Risk
  • Chief Information Officers / Chief Technology Officers / Chief Digital Officer / Chief Data Officers
  • Heads of  Compliance / Internal Audit / Legal / Privacy

Members must have a strong and direct interest in challenging and advancing the way Security, Business Protection, Risk and Controls are perceived, governed and operated across large enterprises, and be willing and able, directly or through their teams, to contribute to the research effort in terms of providing input or validating concepts and materials

Membership is also open in principles to independent consultants, or partners in consultancy firms.